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Der böse Geist Lumpacivagabundus

[Image:Moving Theatre logo]Der böse Geist Lumpacivagabundus
oder Das liederliche Kleeblatt

The Evil Spirit Lumpacivagabundus
or The Rogish Trio

Farce Parody with songs in 3 acts
By Johann Nestroy
Premiere: Vienna, 10 April 1833.

Funded by

Arts council of England

Austrian Cultural Forum

Stellaris, king of the fairies
Fortuna, Ruler of Fortune, a powerful fairy
Brillantine, her daughter
Amorosa, a powerful fairy, protector of true love
Mystifax, an old magician
Hilaris, his son
Fludribus, son of a magician
Lumpazivagabundus, an evil spirit
Leim, a carpenter
Zwirn, a tailor
Knieriem, a shoemaker
Pantsch, Innkeeper in Ulm
Fassel, head servant in a brewery
Nannette, daughter of the innkeeper
Hannerl, waitresses
Strudl, innkeeper in Vienna
Hobelmann, head carpenter in Vienna
Peppi, his daughter
Anastasia Hobelmann, his niece
A stranger

Gertr[a]ud, housekeeper at Hobelmann’s
Reserl, servant at Hobelmann’s
Hackauf, a master butcher in Prague
A painter

Sir von Windwachel
Sir von Lüftig
Signora Palpiti
Laura, their daughter
Innkeeper and his wife at an inn in a village not far from Vienna
Travellers, wizards, magicians, servants, people, farmers, etc.

The action takes place partly in Ulm, partly in Vienna, partly in Prague, partly in the fairy world.

The plot is virtually identical to that of The Fairy Ball, or Carpenter, Tailor and locksmith, with minor variations. The wayward humans who are sent good fortune are called Leim, Knieriem and Zwirn in this version, and these three reappear in The Families Zwirn, Knieriem and Leim, or the Day the World Ended.


The Plays of Johann Nestroy. A directory of synopses prepared by Julian Forsyth & Zoe Svenson.
Funded by the Austrian Cultural Forum and Arts Council England. © Moving Theatre 2004