Moving Theatre

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The Company has won a number of awards for its international work

2007 Grand Prix Marulic: Bucharest Underground
2008 PPI finalist: The Flying Dutchman of Inniskill
2009 Prix Marulic: A La Villa Bab'Azzoun
2009 New York Festivals Radio P & P Award :A La Villa Bab'Azzoun& The Way of all Women
2010 Prix Europa finalist: A La Villa Bab'Azzoun

Moving Theatre is a leading producer of major national and international theatre. This award winning company has premiered and pioneered works by major writers including Arthur Schnitzler, Jean Anouilh and David Mamet and has developed new translations and adaptations with writers such as Kit Hesketh-Harvey, Michael Robinson, and Julian and Margarete Forsyth.

Described on BBC radio 4 as "exceptional presentations of timeless classics - period settings, with a modern voice", our productions are dedicated to an entirely live theatrical experience, often performing all sound-tracks and incidental music on stage.

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