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Women of No Importance?
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Women of no Importance?
An episodic cycle by
Arthur Schnitzler


Half Past One  
He Neil Linden-Johnson
She Elizabeth Banks

New Year's Eve  
He Neil Linden-Johnson
She Liz Bagley

The Hysterical Woman
He Roy Macmillan
She Elizabeth Banks

Literary matters
Klemens Neil Linden-Johnson
Margarete Liz Bagley
Gilbert Michael Wilson
The Fairy Tale  
Agathe Müller Liz Bagley
Anna Theren Elizabeth Banks
Fedor Denner Clive Perrott
Leo Mildner Michael Wilson
August Witte Neil Linden-Johnson
Dr Friedrich Witte Roy McMillan

Production Team

Director Jonathan Banatvala
Designer Rosa Maggiora
Lighting Designer Christopher Corner
Costumes Beeke Ropers
Sound Monkey, Jochen Grußendorf
Production Manager Andrea Lawrence
Stage Manager Alison Rachel Hawker
Assistant Design/ ASM Emma Heath
Set construction Stage Production Services
Press/Publicity Roy McMillan
Stills Photography Guy Sargent
Executive Producers Neil Linden-Johnson
Jonathan Banatvala